In communities across our Nation's cities, there is a challenge which must be confronted.

This challenge is the risk facing our next generation.

Our next generation is at risk because of the multi-media assault which promotes irresponsible behavior.

Our next generation is at risk because there seems to be a wide spread deficiency in understanding the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, and moral values.

Our next generation is at risk because they are crying out for connection and in a desperate attempt to satisfy this need; too many too often turn to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Music One is not only uniquely suited to understand this challenge, but will provide effective leadership to confront it with "the power of positivity".

Through the Music One program, young people across the State of Rhode Island are engaged in the art of learning "positive" music as an alternative to negative outlets. This program infuses opportunity into the lives of teenagers and provides them with a platform for positive creative expression.

Our vision is to support young artists at various stages of their individual artistic development with diverse resources including the environment needed to support creative artistic growth, a venue for performances and the guidance necessary to realize their full potential.

We want to establish their presence as viable contributors in their schools, faith based organization and communities with positive thinking and a heighten sense of confidence and self esteem.

Create communities filled with optimistic youth providing messages of hope, while engaging and encouraging society to create harmonious unions in and amongst communities.

Some of the ways Music One will achieve the above will be by using the following three building blocks: Culture; Education; and Character Development 


Music One will use studio sessions and live performance’s as ways to build strong, lasting relationships between responsible, caring adults and youth.
As a consequence of working side by side with responsible, caring adults to complete projects, the young people learn critical thinking, oral and written communication, and discipline. 

Music One will use studios as a way to impact and creatively  give youth positive outlets to express their fears, hopes, dreams and the courage to make healthy lifestyle choices.


                  “One Life”                    “One Love”            “One Community”

    Music One 

       “ The Power of Positivity”

         Building Brighter Tomorrows, Today !!!


Music One is an innovative enrichment program designed to support and educate youth by cultivating their talents in original positive music and multi-media projects while providing mentoring, leadership development and empowerment

Cross Country

“ Raising the Level Tour”




Music One’s 14th Annual Dinner & Showcase

Thursday May 18th  6-9pm

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Tickets $60  includes Dinner and Live Performances